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The Karma Doula Collaborative is a group of doulas that work as a team to serve all birthing families. Clients are able to meet all members of their birth team and benefit from the experience of the entire group.

As a group, we believe that peaceful and healthy beginnings translate to healthy and happy lives. By providing quality one-on-one doula support as well group prenatal and education services, we aim to empower families to make well-informed decisions during birth and beyond.  

As a program of Everyday Miracles, The Karma Doula Collaborative is focused on ensuring that all birthing parents have access to doula support, while at the same time ensuring doulas have sustainable working conditions. As a client, you'll receive many benefits for choosing to work with the collaborative:

  • 24/7 phone and text support throughout your pregnancy.

  • 100% confidence that your birth will be attended by a doula you know.

  • Access to the skills and experiences of five doulas instead of one.

  • In addition to private meetings, we also offer group prenatal meetings, which provide a community network and additional educational opportunities.

  • Private, one-on-one prenatal meetings to build confidence in yourself, your doulas and birth. These meetings will cover birth preferences and supplemental childbirth education.

  • As a private-pay client of the Karma Doula Collaborative you will have access to exclusive discounts on classes at Everyday Miracles. Click to check out the class schedule for childbirth education and prenatal yoga. 

Please note: if you have been matched with the Karma Doula Collaborative and your state-funded insurance is covering your doula support, in home prenatal meetings are limited. You still have access to unlimited group prenatal meetings and 24/7 phone and text support. Additionally, most classes and services at Everyday Miracles are available to you at ZERO out-of-pocket cost. Services include chiropractic care, breastfeeding support, prenatal yoga, childbirth education, car seats, and breast pumps. Please email Shaniah, Education Coordinator at Everyday Miracles, for more information on classes and services or to obtain a promo code. 


A 2016 study published by the University of Minnesota's School of Public health confirmed that Everyday Miracles' clients have better birth outcomes and fewer interventions than the national average

Healthy mama, healthy baby....

          Doulas make a positive difference

                         in maternal and infant

                                   health outcomes


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Jenna Tomlinson
Birth and Postpartum Doula

My doula journey officially began in 2016 when I left my 9-5 career in market research to refocus my life and my energy on something more fulfilling. Birth and postpartum doula work has been the greatest honor of my life. I believe that a having a truly supported birth and postpartum experience can be transformative. I have a master’s degree in political research and am passionate about the evidence-based care aspect of doula support. 

Training and Education: Birth Doula, DONA; Postpartum Doula, MDE; CPR (BLS) certified; M.A. International Relations, M.Res. Political Research

Abby LeMaire
Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator

I have a a degree in social work with experience teaching English abroad and to immigrants in Minnesota. In addition to my DONA birth doula training, I am also trained and certified in Spinning Babies. My background in social work and the values that brought me to that field have also brought me to doula work: meeting families where they are, listening without judgement, empowering families and working toward equity. I am married with no children, but have 5+ years experience working in childcare.

Training and Education: Birth Doula, DONA; Bachelor's of Social Work

Carolin Gharbi
Birth Doula

My own birth narratives shaped my interest and passion doula work. My goal is to support parents in making evidence-based decisions and empowering them in every step of their journey into parenthood and beyond! Having birthed my babies in both Europe and the U.S., I am interested in how birth is approached across cultures. I am a member of the Childbirth Collective and am the co-leader of ICAN of the Twin Cities. In my free time I enjoy cooking, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with my wonderful husband and three  amazing kids.

Training and Education: Birth Doula, DONA; PPSM Maternal Mental Health Community and Volunteer Training; B.S. International Relations; B.A. Political Science; M.A. International Politics

Anneke Krall
Birth Doula

I have four high school and college aged children whose births were all very different. My goal in assisting in birth is to help ensure that families can look back on their birth experience with positivity, regardless of the path the birth follows. In addition to my DONA birth doula training, I am also Spinning Babies trained. 

Training and Education: Birth Doula, DONA; B.A. Music; B.A. Political Science; M.A. Library Science 

Molly Tietjen
Birth Doula and Administrator

My journey to becoming a birth doula officially started in March of 2014 when I attended a DONA Birth Doula training weekend. Before my doula training I supported friends and family during their pregnancies, birthing and postpartum time. I am passionate about providing encouragement to families experiencing all types of birth without judgement. I studied both Communications and Early Childhood Develop and Education. I have been a nanny, preschool teacher and for eight years I  worked in the financial industry before I became a doula. I have a daughter who was born in 2016. My family and I love to travel to small towns around Minnesota.


Training and Education:

A.A Communications

A.A. Early Childhood Development and Education

Birth Doula, DONA, CBI 

Spinning Babies Trained

All members of the Karma Doula Collaborative are experienced, DONA-certified, and have completed the Spinning Babies workshop for birth professionals. 

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